Hello from the boosters board

Hello fellow band parents,

For those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Rodgers. I am a proud dad to Jayson, a senior tuba player, and the Boulder Creek High School Band Booster president for 2020-2021. Under normal circumstances we would have met back in May and would have introduced you to the Boulder Creek Band Boosters organization. Obviously this has not been an ordinary year so I will give you a brief introduction via email.

The Boulder Creek High school Band Boosters is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to provide support, both financially and through volunteering, to the Boulder Creek band and guard programs. We assist Mr O’Halloran and his staff in planning and coordinating events and providing opportunities for parents to volunteer in support of the program. We also work to support the band and guard programs financially with fundraising activities scheduled throughout the year.

This year the board members include myself and the following parents:
Carrie OConnor – Vice President – vicepresident@bchs.band
Bobbi Wood – Secretary – secretary@bchs.band
Shellie Stopp – Treasurer – treasurer@bchs.band
Joy Carlson – Fundraising – fundraising@bchs.band
Kat Gray – Guard Liaison – guardrep@bchs.band
Doug Clark – Band Liaison – bandrep@bchs.band

The board has been busy since June creating our budget, working with Mr O on planning for the upcoming year and planning fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Over the next several weeks both the booster board and Mr. O will keep you updated, sending emails through the address CharmsEmailSender@charmsmusic.com. Board secretary Bobbi Wood will be the voice of the booster organization as we keep everyone informed.

Once the school year starts we will begin holding monthly booster meetings (via Zoom for now) where we will present and discuss topics related to the organization. All parents and guardians of band and guard students are welcome to attend these meetings. Meanwhile, you can start supporting the band now and throughout the year by visiting url9345.charmsmusic.com/ls/click?upn=u5ZhgBrFqUkoDq4WuXa69hHkpaP7ddTUlJTDhlmQl5-2FKSbpqJV6TegTrrtwK-2B0pWK6v9_uRFwobIBsXfjOAy-2FTS8btgm17OxRpxk89a-2ByiIJKddrW4v0gW2jFxiT6Y3hk-2BIZfdbr7xwq2sepjXTsjGmSA5Ep04lqAcZsYJDwHe5aRSkLQ8m-2BCKzr7AcwXa9-2BKjrdZL-2Brz-2BjfFCVVxshrNXzZSmcNH-2FWyJoNEFAYT3YHnFLg89cRoav6rvp0j6jeAAGXwnTxRfUa2QHxI-2Fi2Sjyl8SFVWqLPulXI9P6VrJgOCkrv0-3D and signing up for Amazon Smile and Fry’s Community Rewards program.

Despite the challenges we are likely to face with the upcoming school year I am very proud and excited to be a part of this organization. It honestly has been a defining opportunity for myself, my son and so many other dedicated kids and parents such as yourselves. The booster board is united and in frequent communication with Mr O’Halloran and his staff regarding district and school discussions that may affect the upcoming marching, winter guard and concert seasons. We will keep you informed as soon as we are able to do so. Feel free to contact any of us via email with questions.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all.


Mark Rodgers
President, Boulder Creek High School Band Boosters