Band Update – 7/12

Hello Everyone,

Here is your latest update into the band world. Please keep in mind that things are changing rapidly…

Band Camp:
Unfortunately, with the state delaying the official in-person start of school, and our district events being put on temporary hold, we will not be able to hold any type of in-person band camp before the start of school. We are officially canceling all band camp activities for this summer.

Marching Band:
The upcoming marching season is still up in the air. Many districts have started to cancel the competitive portion of this activity for the upcoming year. As many of you know I serve on the governing board for the Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA). We have been communicating and meeting weekly to stay on top of the situation in the state. ABODA recently sent out a survey to the high school band directors to see where the directors and schools stand on this current situation. The results of this survey will be discussed at this week’s meeting, and a decision about canceling all state competitive marching activities will be made. I will keep you posted.

Band Classes:
I have received several inquiries as to what the start of school is going to look like for band. While I do not have all of the answers as to what it will look like exactly, I can tell you that band class will go forth just like we have always had it…adjusting things as needed in order to protect the safety of the students and myself. The online portion of class (for the first few weeks of school) is still under development right now, but please know that it will look different than the few weeks of online learning that we had back in the spring. Once we arrive back in the classroom we will continue playing our instruments and studying our art form. Band class will NOT become a study hall or a class with no purpose.

I do have to apologize that this email isn’t full of more uplifting information. Your kiddos mean the world to me, and I want to make sure that they can partake in as many band activities as possible…while still being safe and healthy. The band staff, band boosters, and I are working to find other opportunities to help make-up for what they are currently missing. This takes time, but we will find something!

Mr. O