A Note from our Band Booster President

Greetings parents.  In a year where we had very little contact, I am writing to you to say thank you.  As booster president it’s been challenging to keep motivated while unable to attend concerts or put on the typical events we parents and students have become accustomed to. My thanks goes out to you for being supportive to your student and to the booster organization as we strive to support our students and their love of music and performance.

As you may know, this is my final year on the board.  I am joined by Kat Grey, our guard liaison, in celebrating our senior students final days with BCHS and with that, our final days with the booster organization. It is bittersweet, leaving an organization I’ve put my heart into over these past 4 years. I will take with me many fond memories of band camp, bowling nights, road trips, driving u-hauls, late nights, packing and unpacking equipment and many friendships forged during that time.  It’s been a unique and fulfilling time that I look back on with pride.

With my and Kat’s departures the board is looking to fill a couple of positions.  Apart from President, all of the board positions are up for election on May 13th.  The  positions up for election are: Vice President, secretary, guard liaison, band liaison, fundraising and treasurer.

If you are interested in any of the positions, I encourage you to reach out to me at president@bchs.band or anyone on the board with questions. We are always looking for the next underclassman parent who simply wants to spend just a bit more time with their student.  They’ll be leaving before you know it.

Elections will be held at our May booster meeting. Nominations are due a week prior on May 6th.  I hope to see you there.



Mark Rodgers

BCHS Band Boosters